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PID Controller Trainer

The PID Control Trainer, Model PID-1 is a stand-alone instrument, consisting of, a Microprocessor as a controller. PID control allows changing the Proportional, Integral, Derivative bands. Simulated output having different inertia in the form of time constant elements are available as simulated loads. A simulated load with RC combination is used to create load conditions. The values of R and C can be changed, by a selector switch to change to different time constants of the simulated load. This load replaces actual instrument or transducer, which is supposed to act as load with variable time response system, for the controller. A Disturbance Generator (reset mechanism) is used to instantaneously change the state of process variable. Adjustable damping control is provided to change the rate-of decay of process variable.
PID Controller Trainer

PID Controller Trainer

The ST-2001 COMPUREC P. I. D. CONTROLLER TRAINER is specially designed  for the Engineering Colleges, Polytechnic Institutes and Training departments of the Process Industries so that Undergraduate Students, Plant operators. Instrument mechanics etc. can have hands - on experience on the working of the P. I. & D type of controllers, Controller's tuning effect on the process and a lot of other experiments.

The three Process Control Loops are as below:-

1.Pressure Control in Different Sized Vessels.
2.Level and Flow Control In Different Sized Vessels.
3.Temperature and Pressure Control System (Heat Exchanger System).

The flow diagrams of the above system are attached herewith for your reference.

Features Of The Software

  • Bar Graph Page where all the details of the controllers/indicators can be seen and set. Please refer to the attached specimen of the Bar Graph page.
  • Trend page with gives the historical trend of the variables with respect to time. Please refer to the attached specimen of the Trend page.
  • On - Line Help which is available from any page.
  • Dynamic graphics page with shows the mimic of the process along with the real time values.
  • Alarm summary page where various alarms occurring the system along with their status are shown.
  • Printing facility is available wherein printout of any screen on the computer can be taken for analysis later on.

List Of Experiments

The following is the list of experiments that can be performed using this system.
1.What is a Controller?
2.Action of a Controller.
3.Tuning of a Controller.
4.Response  of a Controller to :

  • Change in setpoint.
  • Step change in feed flow.
  • Sinusoidal change in feed flow.
  • Change in the Valve Characteristics.
  • Change in span of the operating range.
  • Leakage of steam from the shell of a heat exchanger.
  • Change in time constant of the system.

5.Introduction to Remote Setpoint.
6.Introduction and elements of Cascade control.
7.Bumpless transfer from Local Setpoint to Remote setpoint.
8.Bumpless transfer from Remote setpoint to Local setpoint.
9.Log Mean Temperature Difference (L. M. T. D.) in a heat exchanger.
10.Fouling of shell and Tube Type of Heat Exchanger.

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