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Established in the year 1979, Tri-angle Simulation Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of simulation systems that are widely used in the engineering industry. They also find great usage in the chemical and refinery industry. Our systems are widely appreciated for their optimum performance, longer functionality and durability.
The organization was established under the able guidance of Mr. Rajesh Bakhai & Mr. Tejas Bakhai who are presently working as the Managing Director & Director of the organization. They have industrial expertise of over 28 years that helped them to establish a remarkable benchmark in this industry. Presently, the company has developed a unique PC based 210 MW thermal power plant Simulator with interactive Panel Emulation that enables in developing the range in compliance with the international standards.
We always try to meet client’s needs with our services in offering our simulation systems with a longer functionality. Our researchers work round the clock to implement new development in the development of present range. We take valuable recommendations and advices from the clients so that we can develop our range accordingly and make them feel more satisfied.

Company Profile

Basic Information

Nature of Business
  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
Ownership & Capital
Year of Establishment
Legal Status of Firm
Private Ltd. Co. Registered under Indian Companies Act 1956
Trade & Market
Annual Turnover
Upto US$ 0.25 Million (or upto Rs. 1 Crore Approx.)
Team & Staff
Total Number of Employees
26 to 50 People

Major Achievement

  • Developed and installed the first process simulator at Advanced Training Institute, Madras in 1983.
  • Delivered the first digital computer simulator in India to Bharat Petroleum Refinery in 1985.
  • Delivered one to one emulated Panel base 210 MW Thermal Power Plant Simulator to Maharashtra State Electricity Board at the NASIK & KORADI Training Centre. Year of completion 1996.
  • Successfully completed in collaboration with ASI, USA. Project in Saudi Arabia for the Design, Development and supply of Ammonia and Urea plant simulation, based on Yokogawa DCS console. Year of completion 1995.
  • Successfully completed in collaboration with ABB-Simcon. Project in USA simulation for Lube Refinery . Year of completion 1995.
  • Successfully completed in joint collaboration with CMC Ltd. (Public Sector Co.) Simulation of crude distillation Unit for IOCL, Baroda. Year of completion 1996.
  • Successfully completed in collaboration with ASI, USA. The “State of the art” Simulator, on Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit, Unit for Hindustan Petroleum, India having Emulated TDC – 3000 console. Year of completion 1997.
  • Successfully completed a simulator based on Direct Connect using TDC  3000 console & DEC Alpha for HPCL – Mumbai in the year 1999.
  • Delivered one PC based process training simulator with DCS – Emulation of Tata Honeywell TDC –3000 with process models for FCCU, CDU & VDU on hire basis to BPCL, Mahul since 2000.
  • Delivered one PC based Generic 210 MW Thermal Power Plant Simulator to Punjab Electricity Board at the Ropar. Year of completion 2001
  • Delivered one PC based Generic 210 MW Thermal Power Plant imulator to Chattisgarh State Electricity Board at the Korba (W). Year of completion 2003
  • Delivered one PC based Generic 210 MW Thermal Power Plant Simulator to Gujarat Electricity Board at the Wanakbori. Year of completion 2003
  • Delivered Standard 210 MW Power Plant Simulator to MAHAGENCO at Chandrapur and Customization for 500 MW power Plant is in process
  • Supply, installation, commissioning and training of Process Training Simulator to Bharat Oman Refineries Ltd., Bina in June 2009.
  • We successfully installed and commissioning DCS System to NIT Jalandhar in September 2009. In progress.
  • We successfully installed and commissioning the Distillation Column and pH Control system to DTE Gandhinagar.
  • We successfully delivered PLC Trainer to IIT Guwahati in January 2010.
  • We successfully delivered Multi Process Control system to A C Patil college of Engineering in 2010.
  • We successfully installed and commissioning Distillation Column and pH Control system to DTE Gandhinagar in June 2010.
  • We have received an order for Distillation column, Interacting and Non Interacting system from GGU Bilaspur in March 2010.
  • We have received an order for Heat Exchanger Control and Cascade Control system from ITM Gwalior in July 2010.

Product Portfolio

Leveraging on our rich industrial experience, we offer a comprehensive range of industrial simulation equipment that is widely used in the engineering industry. Our range includes Real time simulator for Technical institute, power plant simulator, level control system, flow control system, cascade control system, ratio control system, pressure control system, temperature control system, distillation column system, PID controller, PLC trainer and CDU VDU.
  • Operator Training Simulator
  1. Need of Simulator
  2. Feature of Instructor Console 
  3. Feature of Operator Console 
  • TSPL Product List          
  1. Operator Training Simulator for
  • For Engineering Institutes.
  1. Pressure Control in different sized vessel
  2. Level & Flow Control System
  3. Temperature & Pressure Control
  4. Level Control in coupled tanks
  5. Three Element boiler control
  6. Stirred Tank Reactor
  7. Heat Exchanger
  8. Filtration
  9. Binary Distillation for benzene toluene
  10. Super Heated Steam Generator
  11. Compressor Utilities
  12. Absorption
  13. Catalytic Reactor
  14. Dryer
  15. Multi Component Flash Column
  16. Fluidized Catalytic Cracker
  • Power Plant – 210 MW and 500 MW
  1. BTG Operation for
  2. KWU turbine
  3. LMZ Turbine (only for 210 MW)
  4. BOP - Modules
  • Refinery / Oil & Gas
  1. Crude Distillation Unit 
  2. Cat Reformer
  3. Vacuum Distillation Unit
  4. Lube Refinery
  5. Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit
  6. Gas oil separation plant
  7. Sulfur Recovery Unit
  8. Hydrocracker Unit
  • Fertilizer Plants
  1. Urea and Ammonia
  2. Automation Products
  • PID Controller
  • TRIAC Triggering Card
  • Temperature Triggering Card
  1. LABSCALE Equipment
  • Level control Trainer
  • Flow Control Trainer
  • Cascade Control Trainer
  • Ratio Control Trainer
  • pH Control Trainer
  • Pressure Control Trainer
  • Multiprocess Control Trainer
  • Heat Exchanger Control
  • Temperature (Thyristor) Control System
  • Distillation Column Trainer
  • PLC Trainer
  • Distributed Control System
  • Control Valve Characteristics

Our infrastructural facilities enable us to customize our range as per the specifications of the clients.

Product Portfolio

Large view


Simulator is a type of apparatus especially used in the testing purposes. Our range of industrial simulation equipment conforms to the international standards of quality that enables in meeting the requirements of clients. These simulators are applied in real operation or replica of "Real Plant with Real Time Data".
Some of the salient features of our range of real time simulator include:
  • Highly precise results
  • Durable
  • Long serviceability
  • Optimum functionality
Requirements of simulators:
  • Reinforce process knowledge
  • Introduce engineers/ operators to computer controlled system operation
  • Increase process understanding
  • Stimulate students to think and develop analytical skills
  • Develop a level of proficiency by practicing process trouble shooting & emergency responses
  • Increase student confidence
  • Increase long-term retention
  • Simulator use growth
  • Safety concerns
  • Economic justification
  • Employee turnover
  • Government legislation
  • Environmental compliance
  • Lower simulator cost / higher performance
  • New process / control systems

Features of Instructor Console

The instructor can monitor the status of the models and directly control selected malfunctions and remote functions. Further more, the instructor can see all the process information available to the trainee, as well as certain key internal process variables. The following are the features available for Instructor console.

Major Functions Available At Instructor Console Is As Follows: -

  1. Programme Selection

  2. Freeze

  3. Initial Conditions

  4. Snap Shot

  5. Process Variables in Table Format

  6. Malfunctions

  7. Variable Time Scale

  8. Back Track

  9. Pre Programmed Sequence Of Malfunctions

  10. Alarm Reporting Facilities

  11. Hard Copying

  12. Instructor Logging

  13. Trainee Logging

  14. Remote Functions

Features of Operator Console

Operator station is HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE (HMI) module on Communication Network Bus. It provides comprehensive facilities to the process operators with PANEL EMULATION and DISTRIBUTED CONTROL SYSTEM (DCS) EMULATION for process control and analysis of all plant behavior. By having various functions available from a universal window, the operator station is capable of meeting the needs of process operator and process engineer. The operator monitors and controls the process and system alarms. This is accomplished through the standard displays provided or through optional custom graphics with smart targets. The operator also uses the operator station to display and print process history, trends and print reports.


DCS Base HMI: There will be minimum seven basic windows by virtue of which the complete power plant operation can be analyzed and controlled. This DCS HMI can be any standard DCS.

  • Mimic (Plant Graphic) Window

  • Trend (Plant Recorder) window.

  • Bargraph window

  • Alarm window

  • Panel Emulation Window

  • Capability curve for generator

  • MW Meter.

  • Firstup- Alarms

Manufacturing Unit

Our organization has been able to make a significant position in the field of manufacturing and supplying a range of simulation equipment with the help of our production unit. Our manufacturing unit is spread across a sprawling area of 3000 square feet and encompasses all the requisite facilities for a smooth production process. We possess an advanced mechanical set-up comprising of latest machines and tools.
Some of the machineries that are used in the manufacturing process:
  • Welding
  • Lathe
  • Bending
  • Cutting
It is only because of our manufacturing unit that we have achieved an installed capacity of 150 units. We also have an in-house design unit that helps in developing our range with assurance of the international standards.

Why Us?

We have gained a wide acclamation in the international arena because of our quality assured assortment. We have followed a proper business relation with our clients by adopting fair means and thereby spreading our presence all around, in the most efficient way.
Some of the reasons why we are special from our competitors are as follows:
  • Quality assured products
  • Use of modern technology
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Transaction through money transfer through bank, cash and demand draft 
  • Ethical business practices
  • Modern manufacturing facility
  • Industry leading price
  • Customized solutions
  • Prompt delivery

Research & Development

Our organization is supported by a team of research experts whose main target is to ensure improvement of our present range of industrial simulation equipment through various techniques. Our researchers help in analyzing the market trends and further comprehend the market dynamics. Our department is equipped with the latest facilities that help our research personnel to conduct their researches smoothly and easily.
Our experts carry out a deep research on the improvement of raw material, technology, manufacturing process and design. Only after complete assurance, the development is suggested to the respective departments for implementation. All the research data is stored in a safe manner with the help of computers and other devices.

Real Time Simulator List of Modules

What is a SIMULATOR ? 


The word "SIMULATOR" is defined as an apparatus, which provides (for testing purpose) conditions like those, which are encountered in real operation or replica of "Real Plant with real time data."

Real Time Simulator List of Modules

Large view

Quality Conformation

An ISO 9000:2001 Certified Company, we emphasize on the quality of our range which is the hallmark of our organization. Our qualitative range of simulation equipment is the result of usage of premium raw material and strict vigilance of our quality auditors. They ensure the procurement of raw material from the most established sources.
The quality analysts conduct checks at regular intervals and looks into the quality parameter from re-sourcing of raw material till the delivery of consignments to our clients.
Our quality analysts conduct the series of stringent tests on the basis of following parameters:
  • Durability
  • Dimension
  • Pressure
  • Functionality
  • Tolerance

Operator Training Simulator for Power Plant

TSPL develop operator training simulator for power plant

Power Plant – for 210 MW and 500 MW
*    BTG Operation for
·    KWU turbine
·    LMZ Turbine (only for 210 MW)
*    BOP - Modules


Following plant area is covered

BFP & PRDS & Steam temp control
HPLP bypass, BCW, CW, LP/HP heaters
ATRS (with SGC & SLC, Vacuum and condensate system)
Generator System (with Lube oil & seal oil system)
1.    Coal Handling Plant
2.    Air and Gas Cycle
3.    Pulveriser Fuel firing System wind box – Furnace – Burners.
4.    F.S.S.S.
5.    Water and system circuit in Boiler
6.    Boiler protection / interlocks
Sub system – Main Oil tank purifier system
1.    Governing oil and lube oil system
2.    Barring Gear
3.    Vacuum rising – Gland sealing system
4.    Auxiliary P.R.D.S.
5.    HP/LP bypass system
6.    Turbo visor – Brg. Vibrations eccentricity, differential expansions.
7.    Governing system – over speed protection.
8.    Turbine protections.
Mathematical models along with mimics for the following:
KWU Turbine:
1.    ATRS
2.    EHC
3.    SGC Cond & Evac
4.    SLC Drains
5.    SGC Oil Supply system

Operator training simulator for Refinery Plant

Operator training simulator for Refinery Plant

TSPL develop Operator Training Simulator for refinery. TSPL have following modules

·    Crude Distillation Unit 
·    Cat Reformer
·    Vacuum Distillation Unit
·    Lube Refinery
·    Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit
·    Gas oil separation plant
·    Sulfur Recovery Unit
·    Hydrocracker Unit


Process Description

Operating procedures consists of start-up, shut-down, normal and emergency procedures. The most critical periods in operation are those of start-up and shut-down. It is then that the hazardous possibility of fires and explosions are greatest.
The hazards normally encountered in start-up and shut-down of units are accidental mixing of air and hydrocarbons and contacting of water with hot oil. Other hazards primarily associated with start-ups are pressure, vacuum, thermal and mechanical shocks. These can result in fires, explosions, destructive pressure surges and other damages to the unit as well as injury to the personnels.
Fires occur when oxygen and fuel vapour or mists are mixed in flammable proportions and come into contact with source of ignition. They may burn out of control or touch off devastating explosion. Pressure surges from unplanned mixing of water and hot oil may cause only minor damage to the equipment.
History shows that most of the serious refinery fires and explosions have occurred on units during start-ups and shut-downs. The units have been designed to avoid most of the hazards encountered. The hazards which cannot be avoided have been identified and the procedures have been set up to minimize the hazards. These steps are outlined and must be diligently followed.

Process Description

List of Equipment

·    Vacuum Column
·    Reflux Drum
·    Strippers
·    Furnace (Heater) with Air Preheater
·    Ejector (Primary and Secondary)
·    HP Steam Generation System
·    Heat Exchangers
·    Condensers
·    Pumps – Approx. 17Nos.

Process Description

1.Training Objectives

·    This Program is a general program. Although this process appears to be rather simple, there is tremendous amount of knowledge that can be gained about operating various control loops by using the DCS Based Training Simulator System.
·    The overall objective of training with this program is to learn about FLUIDIZED CATALYTIC CRACKING UNIT - FCCU. For example, you will learn how to analyze normal operating conditions and how to quickly spot possible difficulties. Most important, you will learn why changes are made, the way or the order in which they are to be accomplished. It is extremely efficient and definitely a safe mode.


List of Equipment’s

Knock-out drums
Condensate pot
Sour gas preheater
Sour gas burner
Air preheater
Waste heat Boiler
Sulfur pit
Sulfur lock
Catalytic reactors
Sulfur condenser
Line Burner Mixing chamber
Incinerator Reactor
Steam ejectors
Incinerator Burner Mixing
Incinerator reactor

Operator Training simulator for Engineering Institutes

List of Standard Simulation Software Packages

1.    Pressure Control in different sized vessel
2.    Level & Flow Control System
3.    Temperature & Pressure Control
4.    Level Control in coupled tanks
5.    Three Element boiler control
6.    Stirred Tank Reactor
7.    Heat Exchanger
8.    Filtration
9.    Binary Distillation for benzene toluene
10.    Super Heated Steam Generator
11.    Compressor Utilities
12.    Absorption
13.    Catalytic Reactor
14.    Drier
15.    Multi Component Flash Column (6 components)
16.    Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit

Contact us

Address :
B-27 & 28, Antophill Warehousing Complex, V. I. T. College Road,
Near Barkat Ali Naka, Wadala (E), Mumbai - 400037, India
Tel:  (+91)-(022)- 24183487 / 24133487 / 24125682

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